Terms of Use

In the following "us", "we", and "our" refer to keyfunda, while "you" and "your" refer to event attendees as individuals. keyfunda permits registration and attendance of events only on individual basis.

I. Event code of conduct

keyfunda events are encouraged to be fun, but are always subject to our Code of Conduct:

  1. All attendees are expected to behave in a manner that is consistent with best traditions of professional work culture.
  2. Attendees are specifically cautioned against engaging in harassment or offensive behaviour.
  3. keyfunda insists on the use of civil language at all times.
  4. keyfunda reserves the right to terminate any attendee's participation at an event, solely on our discretion, without refund.
  5. Where required keyfunda will also take legal measures as appropriate under law.

II. Registration/Payment/Refunds

keyfunda events registration and content are subject to the following:

  1. All event registrations are at the sole discretion of keyfunda.
  2. Registration and event attendance is on individual basis. Limit one ticket per person. Tickets are not transferable & cannot be resold. Tickets do not cover travel to the venue.
  3. keyfunda uses a third-party company doattend (http://doattend.com/) to process event registration and payments. keyfunda is not affiliated with doattend. Event registration and payment processing are also subject to doattend policy and procedures, please refer to their website (http://doattend.com/terms_of_service) for further information.
  4. We accept only INR payment for registration fees. keyfunda remits service tax per India tax rules.
  5. Please preserve your registration/payment receipt and bring it with you when you attend the event.
  6. In case of registration/payment processing issues that cannot be resolved with doattend, please contact us at: funda@keyfunda.com
  7. Refund policy: We permit cancellation with refund (less processing fee/service tax) upto 7 calendar days before an event. For cancellation thereafter we will attempt to provide a refund, however this cannot be guaranteed in case of commitments to event venue.
  8. Allow 30 days to process refunds.

III. Intellectual property

keyfunda is committed to respecting all forms of intellectual property:

  1. We ensure that our event presentation material is original. All original material is copyright (c) keyfunda.
  2. We do not use books, or materials from books, in our events. We recommend books only for additional reading, and for reference.
  3. We link to web material, but we do not reproduce these materials in our website or events.
  4. Your use of open-source software is subject to the applicable software licenses. keyfunda is not an associated party to your acceptance of such licenses. keyfunda is not responsible if any of these licenses conflict with your current or past employment contracts.
  5. We do not display copyrighted material unless we have purchased a commercial license that permits such display. See the footer of web pages for license information relating to images.

In case of any questions about intellectual property you can contact us at: funda@keyfunda.com

IV. Laptop/Software

We encourage attendees to bring their laptop computers, subject to the following:

  1. Please bring your own laptop. keyfunda discourages attendees from bringing laptops provided by their employers.
  2. keyfunda does not take any responsibility for the safety of your laptop and other personal belongings.
  3. keyfunda does not provide internet connectivity in events. Please bring your own 3G/4G data dongle if you need connectivity.
  4. Attendees are expected to install/test any software before the events, instructions will be provided prior to an event. We will not entertain software installation questions after the start of an event.
  5. key funda is not responsible if installed software crashes or corrupts your laptop. We encourage attendees to use a virtual machine, or a separate operating system & partition.

V. Privacy policy

keyfunda takes your privacy seriously.:

  1. keyfunda will not release or sell your registration information to third parties.
  2. keyfunda does not collect mobile phone number, bank, or credit card information. We will contact you only on your e-mail address provided during registration.
  3. For privacy relating to registration/payments please refer to the doattend policy (http://doattend.com/privacy_policy_and_disclaimer).
  4. keyfunda may take event photographs and record some segments on video. These are the sole property of keyfunda and may be used in promotional material on this website. No personal identification information will be used in such material.
  5. keyfunda may e-mail you promotional material about forthcoming events. If you do not wish to receive this information, you can opt out during the registration process.
  6. Our website has some social media features which may use cookies. If you do not wish to permit cookies please use appropriate settings on your browser.

VI. Liability

  1. All event content is at the sole discretion of keyfunda. We reserve the right to make modifications to event content and schedule at any time.
  2. An event may be cancelled at the sole discretion of keyfunda due to factors beyond our control, including sudden illness of event presenters, strikes, bandhs, natural calamities, or acts of God. In such cases keyfunda will refund the registration amount to attendees. However service tax collected cannot be refunded. Allow 30 days to process refunds.
  3. In the event of cancellation, keyfunda is not responsible for anyone who has made outstation travel arrangements. We encourage you to wait until an event comes to your city.
  4. Under no circumstances shall keyfunda be liable for any amount greater than the event fees paid by an attendee. keyfunda is not responsible for any indirect or consequential costs/damages, including legal fees.
  5. Legal matters subject to Bangalore jurisdiction only.